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Monthly Archives: January 2012


Ask Bob Brewer: Consistency In Large Batch Sizes

Steven: “How do you maintain consistency over large batch sizes?” Bob: Product consistency is one of the most important components of commercial brewing and is achieved by meticulous attention to detail in all phases of the brewing process. There are no shortcuts or a single magic step. We start with top quality malt and hops… read entire article


Early SF: Golden Gate Trivia

San Francisco has had a Golden Gate for a lot longer than it has had a Golden Gate Bridge. It started during the last Ice Age, when the sea level was several hundred feet lower, and the waters of the glacier-fed Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers carved a deep channel through the bedrock on their… read entire article


Introducing: The Anchor Brewing Blog

We’ve been brewing beer for a long time here at Anchor Brewing Company. Over the years, we’ve developed a number of traditions and seen plenty of changes – in our industry, our city, and in the world around us. As the decades have passed and trends have come and gone, we’ve kept things largely the… read entire article

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