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Monthly Archives: February 2014


Ask Bob Brewer: “Floaties” in Craft Beer

Bob Brewer answers your questions about the world of beer and brewing. Bryan (via Facebook): Bob, could you please address beer ‘floaties’ – the particles sometimes hanging out in the bottles of craft beers? Bob: Good one, Bryan. There are different types of ‘floaties’ caused by different things. I like to think of them as… read entire article



By Dave Burkhart, Anchor’s Design and Graphics Production Manager and Brewery Historian Every Anchor brew begins with a story, a raison d’être. Without that story the recipe would be just a recipe and the label just a label. The story of Anchor IPA™, like the stories of Anchor California Lager® and Anchor Steam® Beer, has… read entire article

Ask Bob Brewer: Yeast for Stouts and Porters

Thanks Again (via Facebook): What’s your favorite yeast strain for stouts and porters? Bob: We make a Porter on a regular basis and have brewed a stout recently. Both were fermented with our ale yeast that is also used for every other ale we make.


San Francisco Beer Week 2014

SF Beer Week is back! The festivities kick off Friday, February 7 with the Opening Gala in San Francisco, followed by nine days of beer dinners, tap takeovers, and other events showcasing craft beer from the Bay Area and throughout California. We hope you’ll Raise Your Anchor with us at one (or more) of the… read entire article

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