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Ask Bob Brewer: Zymaster Series

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Bob Brewer answers your questions about the world of craft beer and brewing.

From Maria in Santa Barbara: I’ve just heard about your Zymaster series of special brews. I recently had a bottle of Ft. Ross Farmhouse Ale and loved it! The label says number four. How many have you made? Will there be any more? I haven’t seen any other bottles.

Bob: As of this July, we have made four different Zymaster beers: California Lager, which has become a full-time product, Mark’s Mild, Flying Cloud San Francisco Stout, and our latest release, Fort Ross Farmhouse Ale. We plan to continue the series with several new releases every year.

Zymaster is usually released as a draft-only item because of its small production. Fort Ross Farmhouse Ale is the only craft beer in our Zymaster Series that has been bottled for general distribution, although a small amount of Mark’s Mild was bottled in champagne magnums for sale at the brewery. Stay tuned to our website at www.anchorbrewing.com for updates and new releases, and use our Beer Finder to search for Zymaster brews near you.

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