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Ask Bob Brewer: Consistency In Large Batch Sizes

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Steven: “How do you maintain consistency over large batch sizes?”

Bob: Product consistency is one of the most important components of commercial brewing and is achieved by meticulous attention to detail in all phases of the brewing process. There are no shortcuts or a single magic step.

We start with top quality malt and hops that are carefully measured for each brew. Our brewers monitor and chart each stage of the brew. Our lab techs take over at the fermenter and follow the brew from there through the cellar, tracking each tank of beer through its maturation.

From the cellar, the finished beer is run through a filtration and pasteurization process before being sent on to packaging. A certain amount of blending occurs along the way due to double batch-sized fermenters and variations in the capacities of our cellar tanks.

Throughout the entire brewery and through all aspects of brewing, fermenting, cellaring, and packaging, we adhere to an extremely high standard of industrial hygiene.  Our quality is a testament to the skill, dedication, and professionalism of our crew.

We’re glad you noticed the results!


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