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Stewards of Steam: The Keepers of Tradition

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Here at Anchor Brewing, we are dedicated to maintaining our role as a pioneer in American Craft Beer. The Anchor team, or the Stewards of Steam as we like to refer to ourselves, keep our tradition of creating handcrafted beer in the city of San Francisco alive. Our history guides us and provides us with a solid foundation from which we continue to evolve and experiment with new versions of classics like Anchor Dry-Hopped Steam Beer, a radically traditional twist on Anchor Steam Beer. We believe in keeping alive brewing methods that have stood the test of time while continuing to innovate and push the boundaries of craft beer.

Whole-cone Hops

We brew with whole cone hops, which certainly isn’t the easy way to do things. Hop additions must be measured by hand, and special equipment is required to extract them from the liquid during the brewing process. Despite these challenges, Anchor brewers continue to use this practice, as we have since Fritz Maytag made a commitment to quality, handmade beers more than 50 years ago.

Eric, Anchor Brewer

“I am Eric. I am an Anchor brewer, and I’ve been at Anchor for 25 years. I love it because it’s a big responsibility to brew Anchor brews, and something I take a lot of pride in.

Each day there are pitfalls if you and the team of brewers aren’t working together to make sure everything is in sync. Ultimately, our goal is to make the best beer we can, every single day, and make sure each bottle or keg that leaves the brewery is exactly the way it should be. It’s a family and an entire team effort.”

Open Fermentation

Fermentation is an integral part of the brewing process. Fresh wort from the brewhouse is placed into vats or tanks and yeast is added. The yeast consumes the sugars in the wort and converts them into ethanol and carbon dioxide. Open fermentation is a very rare find in today’s brewing industry as fermenters are typically enclosed stainless steel tanks, wherein the entire process takes place. That’s not the case at Anchor, the only American brewery still employing open fermentation on a production scale. We ferment both our ales and lagers in open fermenters; the ales in square, deep vessels and the lagers in wide, shallow “coolship” fermenters.

Like many traditional processes, open fermentation involves much more time and attention than one might expect. Even though it does take more work, here at Anchor Brewing we believe that open fermentation is a tradition well worth maintaining.


Ramon, Anchor Brewer

“I am Ramon. I am an Anchor brewer, and I’ve worked at Anchor for 5 years.

What do I love about working at Anchor? My mom is a native San Franciscan, and met my dad in the city, so they would always have Anchor Steam in the fridge. Needless to say it was the first beer I enjoyed as a young whippersnapper. So for me, to be part of the great tradition of Anchor and SF is not only nostalgic, but something I take great pride in. I’ve been fortunate to learn from the OG’s of craft brewing and am honored to take up the torch to continue to put forth amazing beers that are enjoyed worldwide.”

The Taproom

JoaoTaproomThe Anchor Taproom is where we showcase and share our brews with the public. Tasting sessions are part of the brewery tours that we offer, and are only available to those who take the tour.

The Taproom team makes sure that every single guest, tour attendee, event host, and fellow craft brewer visiting Anchor have the best possible experience. Correa, a recent public tour guest shared his experience:

“Mike was a great tour guide! He was very open to all questions – from beer connoisseur to newbie – and really spoke with an enthusiasm about the brewery and beer. Your brew team was very humble and even chimed in to answer some of our tour questions. I appreciated that!”

Joao, Taproom Manager

“I am Joao. I am the Taproom Manager, and I’ve been with Anchor for over 3 years.

What I love about working at Anchor: Our people, our history, our beer.

While Anchor Steam was my entry to craft beer, it was Anchor’s Christmas Ale that sealed my fate as a craft beer enthusiast.  Needless to say, I enjoy working with and sharing a Steam (or Christmas Ale) in the taproom with our amazing Anchor team.  I equally enjoy sharing our history and brewery with our many visitors, who come from near and far.

Anchor Brewing Company and our #StewardsofSteam are proud of the work they do every day to keep the tradition of handcrafted beer alive in San Francisco. We love what we do. We enjoy giving it our all to create beer that our fans and craft beer enthusiasts can enjoy on any number of occasions.

Next time you grab a pint or six-pack of Anchor, #RaiseYourAnchor to Eric, Ramon, Joao and the rest of our team for their hard work behind the scenes. Use our Anchor Beer Finder to find a cold brew near you!


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Ramon was our host to your brewery a few yrs ago. We were so proud of him and really enjoyed the samples!! Unfortunately we don’t have it here in north Platte Ne. Congratulations on your tremendous success

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