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Stewards of Steam: Maintaining & Innovating Our Craft

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For over a month, we’ve posted a weekly blog series- Stewards of Steam – showcasing our craft and our people. We’ve focused on our dedication to making handcrafted beer in San Francisco and what it takes to continue to do that. We’ve talked about how Anchor maintains its role as a pioneer in American craft beer. And, most importantly, we’ve introduced some of the incredible people who help make all of this possible. Here at Anchor, we love what we do and we enjoy spending our days creating beer that our fans and craft beer enthusiasts enjoy. And none of this would be possible without a well-maintained brewery and an innovative spirit that permeates our desire to continue creating beer that people love.

Maintaining our Craft

On any given day at the brewery, there is a lot going on mechanically as we brew, ferment, filter, package, and ship our beer. Our maintenance team’s days are full as they ensure that everything works just as it should. To say there’s a lot to oversee is an understatement. They make sure that everything –  from refrigeration to boilers, the brewhouse to packaging, welding, plumbing and everyday troubleshooting – is operating as it should. When Anchor installs new equipment or adds a new production process, our maintenance team plays a big part in getting it implemented. They keep the lights on – literally and figuratively.

Ryan in cellar

Dave, Facilities & Maintenance Manager

“I am Dave. I’m the Facilities and Maintenance Manager and I’ve worked at Anchor for 7.5 years.

I love coming to work at one of the most unique places I know. Every department here is filled with such a great group of people and I get to work with just about all of them at some point during the week. I especially enjoy the time working with my partners in the maintenance crew. I’m really fortunate to have such a capable team supporting me. I’ve been drinking Liberty Ale for most of my adult life, and being lucky enough to participate in the making of it—though not necessarily the glamorous side—is a dream come true.”

Jerry- low res

Jerry, Maintenance

“I am Jerry. I’m part of the maintenance team and I’ve worked at Anchor for 21 years.

I love that we put out a product that people love. I see people drinking Anchor Steam all over town and at events and enjoying it! I love helping keep this place running; we have older machinery which brings its own challenges sometimes. There are a lot of moving parts in an 88,000 square foot facility!”

Exploration and Innovation

Maintaining our role as a pioneer in American craft beer means we focus a lot on innovation and new beer development. Anchor’s brewing heritage lays down a solid foundation from which we frequently evolve and experiment. We continually explore new ways to expand and improve our production, finding methods that improve efficiency and quality while maintaining our traditional brewing practices. We also research ingredients, processes, equipment, and more that inspire developing new beer recipes. As we continually push the boundaries of our craft, we’ve introduced and expanded production programs like our cask-conditioned and barrel-aging beers. We love keeping craft beer fans on their toes for what’s next.

Kyle- lo res

Kyle, Research & Development Manager

“I am Kyle. I’m the Research & Development Manager and I’ve worked at Anchor for 3 years.

Walking into Anchor is a church-like experience. It’s all about the beer here and you can feel it the moment you step in. Every day there is a new and different challenge. And if we do it right, great beer is the result. I have the opportunity to work with very intelligent, hardworking people who motivate me every day. It would be hard not to love working here.”

Canning our Craft

At Anchor we package our beer into bottles, cans, and kegs. Our canning line is a relatively new addition to the brewery, joining the Anchor family in 2014. Our petite canning line fills about 60 cans per minute. We now package 7 different beers in cans, meaning almost half of our beer line up is available in cans! Craft beer fans can now enjoy the same, tasty Anchor brews in the convenience of a can, bringing us along to any adventure. Because hey, life is always better with beer.


Sarah, Packaging Lead

“I am Sarah. I’m a packaging lead for the canning line and I’ve worked at Anchor for almost 3 years.

There are many things I love about working at Anchor, but mostly it just comes down to the fact that I love being here every day. I love walking through the doors and doing my job alongside people who have become more family than just friends or coworkers. It’s such a special place and there’s so much heart in our product.”

Next time you grab a pint or six-pack of Anchor, #RaiseYourAnchor to Dave, Jerry, Kyle, Sarah, and the rest of our #StewardsofSteam for their hard work behind the scenes. Our Stewards of Steam weekly blog series is going to take a brief hiatus but we’ll be back with more soon!

From all of us at Anchor Brewing, we’d like to extend a sincere thank you to our fans, supporters, and craft beer enthusiasts for your continued support, which allows us to do what we love; work hard to brew quality, handcrafted beer in San Francisco. Use our Anchor Beer Finder to find a cold brew near you!

Photos 1&5 courtesy of Natalie Jenks


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