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Ask Bob Brewer: Food Pairings for Brown Ale

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Remco: What kind of food or flavors go best with Brekle’s Brown?

Anchor Porter and fresh oysters? You bet.

Bob: When pairing food and beer, the standard thinking is to either match intensities, complement one another, or offer an interesting contrast. IPA with sharp cheese, porter with robust meats or BBQ, wheat beer or pilsner with lighter fare – these are examples of matched intensities.

The fun part of this is that the same beer can often be used to different ends. Anchor Porter with oysters, as well as with BBQ, for one. Anchor Steam with seafood, as well as with seasoned poultry, is another.

For Brekle’s Brown Ale, I think that “medium” meat dishes work best. Think roast beef, pork, maybe chicken. Brekle’s has a refreshing, medium- to full-bodied character with a slightly tangy finish that cuts through meaty or slightly fatty flavors. Certainly nothing too spicy. Burger and fries. Meatloaf and gravy. American diner food. On the other side, there’s always a Santa Fe salad with blackened chicken for that complementary experience. Brown ales have a wide range. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Hmm, it’s almost lunchtime here. All this talk about food…

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