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From the Barrel: Old Potrero Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Stout

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Anchor Brewing’s barrel aging program is growing, slowly but surely. You can’t rush these things, literally and figuratively. Lucky for us, the marriage between brewing and distilling has been an ongoing tradition at Anchor.

Almost 30 years after Fritz Maytag bought Anchor Brewing, igniting the American craft beer revolution, Fritz founded Anchor Distilling in 1993. Anchor Distilling’s Old Potrero Whiskey is a recreation of the original whiskey of America. It marks the return of pot-distilled whiskey in the US. Old Potrero is distilled in a small copper pot still and is the only 100% rye whiskey in the US. Lucky for us on the brewing side, that means a stream of top-notch rye whiskey barrels for aging beer.


We’re very excited about our newest barrel aged release! Last year we filled freshly emptied Old Potrero Straight Rye Whiskey barrels with our Flying Cloud SF Stout.  We aged the stout in these barrels for a year and the result is delicious. The beer is a deep chocolaty and velvety smooth stout that is bursting with whiskey aromas and flavors.  It is a dense, black beer with a rich brown head of foam.  The aromas are of roasted barley, charred oak and cherry pipe tobacco. The roundness, richness, and smoothness of this beer lets you know it had plenty of time in the barrel to soak up all that rye whiskey goodness.  There are latent hints of vanilla and even some rye spiciness that lingers on the end.  At 10.3% ABV, this stout is perfect for sipping on a foggy San Francisco summer night in a big brandy snifter.

Bottles of our Rye Barrel Aged Stout are available at the brewery while supplies last! This is a special, limited-edition beer and will not be released again. The Anchor Brewing Shop is located at the brewery and is open every day 11am-7pm.



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