A Super-Sized Craft Beer Wager between Anchor Brewing Company and Flying Dog Brewery

January 28, 2013

As our beloved San Francisco 49ers prepare for their Super Bowl match-up against the Baltimore Ravens, Anchor Brewing Company enters a high-stakes wager involving more than just hometown pride against Maryland’s largest craft brewer, Flying Dog.

The losing brewery must pour the opposition’s signature beer in their taproom for one week while tour staff wears Super Bowl Champion gear from the winning team. The selected American craft beers are Anchor Steam® Beer and Raging Bitch Belgian-Style IPA.

Anchor Brewing President John Dannerbeck and Flying Dog Brewmaster Matt Brophy will serve as official brewery representatives who will pose for photos sporting jerseys from the winner’s side.

“The 49ers are the only team in NFL history to appear in more than one Super Bowl without ever losing, and they’ve won the Championship five times,” states John Dannerbeck. “We feel pretty good about this one.”

Matt Brophy says,“Always bet on the underdog, and a historically bone-crushing defense.”

Fans of either team are encouraged to show their support and join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter:


twitter.com/ flyingdog


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