Anchor Brewing Debuts its Pacific Siren™ Series with Two Alluring New Brews

April 12, 2016

San Francisco, CA (April 12, 2015) – Anchor Brewing Company announces the release of Anchor’s Meyer Lemon Lager™ and Anchor’s Mango Wheat™; two alluring new brews and the first releases in Anchor’s brand-new Pacific Siren™ Series.

Lured by the siren’s song, Anchor’s first brewmaster, Gottlieb Brekle, journeyed from Germany for the goldfields of California. Instead, he found his El Dorado in San Francisco, brewing beer for thirsty miners. The brewery that Brekle built on a street called Pacific, less than a mile from the San Francisco Bay, became Anchor Brewing. His odyssey and the mythic sirens of the Pacific inspired this new series of brews.

The Pacific Siren Series first debuted with the release of Meyer Lemon Lager, a zestily unique craft-brew made with Californian Meyer Lemons. Prevalent in California, Meyer lemon trees produce a sweet, slightly less acidic lemon. Meyer Lemon Lager (4.5% ABV) is bright without sharpness, full of flavor without heaviness, floral without floweriness, and complex.

Mango Wheat (4.5% ABV) joins Meyer Lemon Lager as the second release in the Pacific Siren Series. A refreshingly unique craft-brew, Mango Wheat is an ale made with sun-ripened mangoes. The result is a crisply refreshing, tropically aromatic, effervescent golden ale that highlights the delectable character of the fruit.

“When envisioning the Pacific Siren Series, we wanted to create beers as alluring and enticing as those mystical sirens, so we developed two very exciting new beers brewed with sumptuous delectable fruits,” said Anchor Brewmaster Scott Ungermann. “Fruit-focused beers were a new frontier for Anchor. We began the brainstorming process by first sampling a variety of delicious fruits. We quickly discovered that Meyer lemons and mangoes were just the fruits we needed for our beers. When brewing Meyer Lemon Lager, we add Meyer lemon juice and dried lemon peel in the brewhouse, and then cellar the beer on more dried lemon peels and Lemondrop hops. The recipe we crafted for Mango Wheat achieved the goal of brewing a bright, tropical wheat beer that gushes with flavor and aroma, just like slicing into a ripe mango. The resulting two beers are delicately aromatic, subtle in sweetness, refreshingly crisp, and deliciously balanced.”

The eye-catching design of the Pacific Siren Series packaging, which cases a 12 oz. can of Meyer Lemon Lager or Mango Wheat, depicts a beautiful siren and is inspired by a 75-year-old California fruit crate label used by the Ventura County Lemon Cooperative. Fruit-crate labels have a long and colorful history in California dating to the late nineteenth century. Most such agricultural art features enticingly succulent fruit and an idealized pastoral landscape. Anchor’s Pacific Siren Series label however—as unique as the beer itself—features a stunning siren.

Meyer Lemon Lager and Mango Wheat are available nationally year-round in 6-pack cans and on draught at select bars, restaurants, and stores including the Anchor Brewing Taproom and Anchor Brewing Beer Garden at The Yard in San Francisco.

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